We work closely with many individuals to structure their assets, incomes and investments to their best advantage. We help clients launch their businesses, save on tax, protect their assets, improve business performance and develop a competitive edge.

When you need to make important decisions, we’ll be there to guide you and take the time to explain your options. Our team prides itself on delivering cutting edge service and strategic advice. We understand each client's situation is unique and tailor our solutions and service offerings accordingly. 

Whether you're an individual looking for a tax return, you currently own a business or are looking to buy or start one, Ritchie Group can meet all of your financial needs.

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Accounting & Compliance

We are transforming the way we work with our business clients by utilising cloud based accounting software. Our team works with you to get you up and running on the software which makes managing your accounting, compliance, and bookkeeping requirements so much easier.

You can run your business on the go just by logging in online to your computer, tablet or phone. Not only does cloud based accounting allow business owners to manage their finances anywhere and anytime, it gives you instant access to all your account and cashflow data to provide insight into how your business is travelling right now. You can make timely decisions and identify challenges and opportunities as they arise. By saving time you focus on how the business is performing.

Our compliance services include:

  • Preparation of financial reports and accounts

  • Bookkeeping services

  • Activity Statement (BAS/IAS) preparation and review

  • Statutory records & register maintenance Taxation: Income tax return preparation and lodgment (individuals, partnerships, trusts, companies and SMSF's)